Sleep.. my Achilles heel ðŸ˜¥

I love to sleep yes through morning, during day anytime. I can’t blame RA for this unfortunately it’s totally on me. I always loved to sleep. I always put sleep above everything like eating (this is just bad I can’t even count the number of times I skipped eating just to get that extra minutes of sleep), watching TV, going to movies any fun activity for that matter, going to temple ( I can imagine all the times my mom was furious) , skipped office to sleep, play with kids, spending time with my husband anything and everything. If there is anything that can push away my sleep is a good novel and also my mother in law ( She doesn’t say anything but I’m naturally scared of her) and also the initial months after my kids birth to feed them. Insert Ranjith’s angry face here.

  As I grew up my addiction towards my sleep also grew thanks to my lenient husband and guilt driven mom. There are many incidents where Ranjith was mad at me due to this. I feel bad that day and decide it’s high time I should be more responsible and change but that never happened so far. When the morning comes I just think it’s ok to sleep little more damn the consequences.

    Irrespective of the time I go to sleep during night I don’t want to wake up in the morning. This just can’t go on as Ranjith is realizing lately that I’m blackmailing him emotionally in order to sleep and he is following the same route. Passing on statements like I’m setting bad example for kids, I’m ignoring my duties blah blah. Oh please i don’t remember any one these when I sleep.

   Responsibilities and humans suck big time. I wish I was born as a animal and can hibernate months together and no bothering about health, socialising or grooming or anything just lying around and sleeping off. God it’s so tempting.

 Give me some food … Give me some sleep… Give me another chance I wanna nod off once again… Nah nah na … Na na na nah naaa…


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