Welcome to the world of Rhuematology…

After a month from my cholecystectomy started the pain. It was slow and less in severity. Started mainly in legs but we thought it is due to weakness or tiredness and did not bother much as I went through a surgery recently. On my son’s second birthday i.e., on April 17th 2015 the pain reached a new level where I could not walk I could feel the needles prickling into my feet. I could not stand or sit it was a nightmare but we had houseful of guests to cater. Everyone was able to identify that I’m in pain as I’m limping by the time the party started. Again as it reached a unbearable situation we went to seek a doctors opinion. With my previous experience with neurologist went to meet a neurologist again but a different one. By this time I had severe morning stiffness it would get better as the day progress but I would need at least an hour after I wake up to start my daily chores.

So the doctor saw me did some primary clinical assessment and decided I’m perfectly fine and it is all due to stress and the pain is in my head as my limbs and feet look absolutely normal. Gave some pain killers, supplements and sent me on my merry way. At that point even I was confused can I really imagine so much pain am I that delusional??. But the pain killers did not help my mornings started becoming worse so went to meet him gain after a week for review. By the time we get to see him it would be afternoon and I used to start feeling better so he thought it is my cry for help (Seriously 😦 ) and made fun of me. But as an after thought he said I don’t think there is any problem with you but if you wish you can meet a Rheumatologist (May God bless him..). We were like Rhumey what?? Is there a field called Rheumatology in medicine? we only knew orthopedics for issues with bones. So here comes the very significant and less famous Rheumatology in my life. Seriously why do I get such peculiar problems with unknown or less known fields of medicine….


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