Durga Kalyani

Hi there, I’m Kalyani turned 30 yesterday and this is my 30th Birthday initiative. It is also my wedding day. Seven years ago on the same day I was married to Ranjith.  I have 2 kids my daughter Mileena who is 5 years old and my son Dhanvin Ram who will be 3 years next month. My family is complete with a loving husband and 2 adorable kids. I’m a software engineer by profession. I love my job and i love the challenge of working with 2 kids (with support from my hubby and my parents of course). My hobby is to read novels so many that its safe to say i’m addicted to romantic novels instead of it being a hobby.

I have several reasons which prompted me to blog

  • I suffer from a chronic disease called Rheumatoid Arthritis and I was looking out for help emotionally more than medically. It is such a sudden change in my life I was shocked and was craving to share my thoughts/concerns/feelings with someone who understands it and who has seen it directly or through some of their family members. I need empathy more than sympathy. I wanted to hear don’t worry its not that bad as it is showcased we can fight it and get over it or to share some tips to manage pain or to manage life with RA.I did find many people but not from India so i could not associate with them as their living conditions are very different from ours.
  •  I did not find good help on how Indians can cope with this disease given their lifestyle, food habits. I want to shed some light on life style changes that will help.
  • I will attempt to help anyone mainly Indians suffering from this disease, bring in awareness by blogging on how I am managing this disease
  • I want my kids to look back at this blog when they grow up. So, I will also be posting a lot of family happenings and stuff too 🙂

Hope this good thing never comes to an end. Fingers crossed “X” …