Pulled up the badass socks on.. got a tattoo..

Getting a tattoo was always my dream maybe it shows my badass attitude or it brings out rebel in me which was always suppressed by my act of a good girl.
During the tumour scare I realised if something were to happen to me I had so many things to do before I die and prepared a bucket list. Getting a tattoo was one of them. I never wanted to let people know that I am sick. But lately I realised it’s ok to be sick. So I decided to get rhuematoid disease ribbon as my tattoo.

Lot of people were surprised and disappointed with my tattoo. They are asking what is the need of having that ribbon permanently etched on me. Some people simply don’t understand why I went for a tattoo. I’m ok with comments and criticism because I know the importance of this disease in my life tattoo or not it is permanent in my life.

I wanted to have this tattoo as a reminder that life can take a u turn anytime and you will be nothing but a spectator. I want this tattoo as my inspiration that it’s my fight and I can be the one in control of it. I want this tattoo to be a mark to ground me and warn me when I’m pain free to make most of today as you never know what is in store for tomorrow. I want this tattoo as a guide for the healthy and active lifestyle which should be my motto from now on.

I’m happy that I could go through my wish with as usual a little nudge from my husband to push me over the edge when I hesitated​ My partner in the true sense.


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