My medical journey….

I had 2 kids both through normal delivery but i’m very sensitive to pain i’ll take anything or do anything to avoid pain. So, even though my gynic insisted on going normal I took epidural both the times even after knowing it has side effects I just cant stand the idea of pain. May be its some phobia. But looks like god planned a different approach for me to get rid of it and that is  head on collision with pain. Few months after my son’s birth there were few episodes of pain its either in my legs or hands or shoulder it would start and go by itself we thought it has something to do with postpartum  or due to the stress with 2 very young kids. It started getting worse and impacting my daily chores.But one day me and son were sleeping in a bedroom and I woke up in the middle of the night to feed and I was supposed to change his diaper  and I could not change his diaper as I could not make my fingers to fold to hold it. I cried and cried, did I tell you before I don’t like to ask anyone anything that includes my mother so I usually avoid it until there is no way i can do it myself. Finally I did change it myself that day with hell lot of pain and even more will.

That night made me realize I need medical interference as something must be really bad so we met a Neurologist in a famous hospital and he did a clinical assessment and came to conclusion that it is due to Vitamin B12 deficiency and started me on the supplements immediately. To add to it we made few changes in food to increase vitamin B12 naturally like eating more fish eggs and fish. The pain started coming down little later and all is well after that so we just felt that it is due to B12.

After an year plus few months on an awful Friday afternoon which is on Feb 13th 2015 I had abnormal pain in my abdomen, got admitted in a hospital done all the preliminary emergency tests blah blah turns out to be Cholelithiasis (Stones in the gall bladder), puffff.. pain again :(. The good doctors decided that the culprit organ should go :(.. right surgery scheduled on 16th Feb 2015. Valentines day on a hospital bed… The doctor asked me before the surgery, “Are you scared Kalyani?” I told him i’m fine as long as i don’t feel any pain. Just make my current pain go away (Oops i’m more concerned about pain than anything else at that point.). Thank god it was laparoscopic  surgery with 5 small holes on my tummy (Yeah real scary). I recovered from the surgery in 2 weeks. Took off for a week and started working from the next after criticism from everyone my parents, in-laws and my friends  but sorry people i’m wired that way my job is my sanctuary I feel that rush in solving issues and being useful and responsible. So all was well after that with me sans my gall bladder till….


About Me…

Hi there, I’m kalyani turned 30 yesterday and this is my 30th Birthday initiative. It is also my wedding day. Seven years ago on the same day I was married to Ranjith the best birthday gift ever :).   I have 2 kids my daughter Mileena who is 5 years old and my son Dhanvin Ram who will be 3 years next month. My family is complete with a loving husband and 2 adorable kids. I’m a software engineer by profession. I love my job and i love the challenge of working with 2 kids (with support from my hubby and my parents ofcourse). My hobby is to read novels so many that its safe to say i’m addicted to romantic novels instead of it being a hobby. That’s me and my kids and my dear hubby.