Path to phases of Remission…

In the last post I was cribbing about the foods I’m going to miss but here I’m going to give the details of food to eat and its advantages.

Self help:

Based on our Google search  we decide on not to eat dairy, animal products, sugars, white rice, Wheat flour, Maida, corn and very less oil. This left us very little options to eat even though pain is the motivator I could not stick to 2 to 3 options of food everyday and obviously I cant survive on juices so here came the magical food “Millets”. We read a lot about millets its our ancient Indian food which my grandmothers and grandfathers ate and are hale and healthy even in 80’s. So we started using these mainly bajra and jowar flour for roti, jowar ravva as upma , Ragi flour for dosa. Green tea instead of tea or coffee I’m used to it so I’m happy with it. I can say my pain was sustained it is not worsening I always have a feeling it is just waiting at the end of the corner but still not with me as of now.

Journey from size XL to size S (oh an interesting one here)…

Some morbid details about me I stand at a normal height of 5’7″ and I will blame all the steroid injections , tablets and my insatiable sweet tooth add laziness to it and I weigh a whooping 75 Kilos 😦 . As my heading says I’m somewhere between L and XL thanks to my height I don’t really look fat but just healthy and little chubby.

Because of the above food changes I lost 5kgs in a month… wow that’s a very drastic change earlier even after spending 2 hours in a gym everyday I did not  loose more than a kilo but here I lost so much even with not lifting a needle 😛 . But there was a nagging feeling in the back of my head that we are just flying as per the wind without any finite plan and I wanted to meet a nutritionist to give us a better suggestions. Unfortunately we don’t have any in Hyderabad who are familiar with RA so settled with one who at least understands what does RA entail. Here comes the magic.

First thing she said to me even before I opened my mouth was you need to loose at least 10 kilos. I was like what I just lost 5 kilos that’s pretty awesome and I don’t need to loose more. She was like baby you have more fat than you realize and you need to loose it if you want your immune system to work properly. That shut me up. Here comes the magical diet:

Morning 7 AM – 1 cup of warm water with 2 dates and dry figs

8 AM – 1 dosa with veggies or 2 Idly and black tea

10 AM – 1 fruit with sweet corn

1 PM – half cup rice (single polished) with veggies (No dal and No potatoes – carbs) – I did eat dal please I’m already so much food.

4 PM – fruits and black tea

7 PM – 1 dosa and vegetable stew (cook all pumpkin,veggies, greens included in water with salt and pepper) – this is an awesome food she asked me to add oil but I skipped it and dosa also I eat lots of veggies only.

9 PM – 2 badam 2 -walnuts -2 tea spoons of pumpkin seeds

I started loosing 1kg per week and tada I’m at 62 kg by 3 months and my dresses are now between ‘S’ and ‘XS’. I still have 2 kilos to loose but oh I’m enjoying my figure as of now. We still deviated here we used millets i.e., foxtails, ragi, little millet for dosa and idly I think that also helped me with my appetite and weight reduction. And for pain its almost not there and now I’m going for walk , running with my daughter and the biggest price my cortishot came down to 3mg per day from 6mg. I do have some painful days but better days are more than those :).. I do cheat sometimes and get lucky on some days and not so much on others so I’m more cautious and if I have to cheat i’ll do it only with the foods I like most will not do it for regular foods.

The major advantage of the above diet  is we got to know how to have a healthy filing and non oily breakfast I.e., dosas with veggies and with variety of dosas and pumpkin the filling food with no calories and with anti-inflammatory character




One thought on “Path to phases of Remission…

  1. Great post. This should inspire confidence to RA sufferers that they can beat RA. Shout out to everyone suffering from RA in India.


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