What goes comes back … ðŸ˜Ž

Looks like I’m going back by few years in my life. When I lost my excess weight and went back to my college days weight I was elated to get my size back but God did I ever imagine to get back the other dreaded things I lost 😂 i.e, my myopia aka eye sight aka spectacles.

  While my husband is happy to have my studious look back me not so much. After going through the hell of LASIK treatment and all the horrendous waiting in LV prasad eye hospital for the tests and procedures I never expected to have them back. 

I hope this eye sight remains at this basic point and doesn’t increase as earlier. I can’t tolerate all those near blind days I still remember the day of my LASIK operation the way I was reading anything and everything with my eyes as if a blind person got new eyes in a way I was blind without my specs. Most days I used to sleep with my specs on and I used to have my specs on before opening my eyes.

Fingers crossed and welcome back my specs…

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