I wish human body also has a reset button..😎

If I find a magic lamp which will give me 3 wishes my first wish will be for a body reset button just like our windows machines. When things are going out of control or when you don’t know what the hell is happening you just do a force restart boom it starts fresh again. How alluring my insane idea sounds !!.

  All this awful medicines that I’m taking for the past two years are doing a number on my body. I just don’t know how it is going to react to some things or when I’m going to be super fine or worst. I forget taking my steroid one day that’s it boom I’ll become a night owl for two days without sleep dry eyes and irritating. 

Either that or a magic potion or a fairy like our disney fairy tales which will convert us back to our newself. Life is so beautiful when seen through disney lens. Happy and beautiful princess with happily ever after. 

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