Maybe I need Edward Cullen to cure my RA….


The other day I was lying on my bed and thinking maybe my body has become resistant to my current RA medication as neither 2 6mg of cortishot tablets a day is giving me relief from pain nor the 15mg of methotrexate a week is doing its magic anymore. Disrupting my thoughts my mom came into my room with a glass of pomegranate juice and stated that she has come to the conclusion that I should drink pomegranate and pineapple juice everyday and it will cure my RA. I was surprised and shocked with this revelation and asked her to explain her logic and here it goes…

The other day I explained to her that RA is a chronic illness and there is no cure as such for it for the 100th time (she is in a denial and doesn’t want to accept) I told her how my immune system is hyper active like a drunken monkey or a druggie and is attacking every joint it finds attractive in my body. So the thesis she developed is the problem is due to toxins in my blood as my RA is detected by blood work and also due to high antigens that are present in blood if I can get my blood purified my RA will be poof gone. So do this task pomegranate and pineapple will act as blood cleansers and lucky me being a female during my menstrual cycle all the impure blood flows out of my body and will be filled with fresh and clean blood due to all the apple juices which I’ll rather I should drink again everyday. I was dumbstruck :)…

If only it was that simple and drinking fruit juices will cure RA there wont be so many people suffering and millions spent on research for this awful disease. But this got me thinking even though not possible there is a possibility if we can get my blood cleansed with some good cleansing solutions maybe my RA will be cured. This gave me another insane idea maybe I should get some nice,old and hot vampire to help me to get this done(nice and old because I should not end up dead and hot because Hello !! I’m getting my blood sucked it should be interesting at the least) like Edward Cullen from twilight or Vlad Dracul from Night prince series. They can suck my blood and I can get new fresh blood in my body and RA gone or I’ll become a vampire and poof no RA both the options are tempting to try. If you say beggars cant be choosers I’ll take any vampire as long as I’m free from RA. I’ll take any freaking option over suffering with RA…





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