When your heart wants something but the mind is not ok with it…

After taking double dose of cortishot for a week finally my body, flares and pains are under my control. Last week when nothing seems to be working anymore I have made up my mind to quit my job , stay at home and take care of my health. Of course it was not a choice but seemed like an ultimatum at that point.

   But today when everything looks good my heart still wants me to stay back home prioritize and work on my health issues but my brain says don’t be a baby you can still work on yourself while doing a job. Everyone including my kids wants me to quit and take it easy for sometime except the people who employ me and the ones who are employed by me. But the fighter and jugular in me wants me to manage all.

   Am I doing a mistake by not listening to my body and my well-wishers? Am I taking a risk? Am I being too ambitious and too stubborn? No decision in life is easy I guess. I’m little scared thinking if I take a break now I may not go back to work at all. It is not the end of the world there are so many people out there who sacrificed their careers for smaller issues than mine at the same there are people who have bigger problems than mine and going strong.

I’m taking a one month test period to get out of this dilemma. I’m back to work from tomorrow if on any day I feel that it is not manageable anymore I’m going to quit else back to happy juggling. 

Awaiting for the sign from the almighty.. Fingers crossed…

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