Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) aka jaw joints.. new victims of RA

I thought life can’t get more worse after my tumor scare but I was so wrong it can get more messy , painful and difficult without a deadly cancer looming over my head. Ra is the slow and painful ailment that cripples the whole body.

   I never liked biology in my secondary school education and due to this aversion for the subject I missed something important that there are joints in the face. Yeah learnt this the hard way when my whole face started hurting and ears have become painful. There are joints in front of ears called temporomandibular joints (TMJ) which can be affected by Ra. New learning in my Ra studies and a new milestone crossed with yet another joint falling victim to the Ra monster.

This is even more worse because swallowing is painful forget about chewing. Worst part is I didn’t cheat my diet this is just due to the fever from 2 days. God life and Ra sucks. Nothing I did to cause it and nothing is helping it. Add to it nausea and lightheadedness due to fever and I’m weak as a twig waiting to fall.

Hoping this is a passing flare and goes away sooner…

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