Pseudo remission…

I know there are so many people who will be willing to kick me if I say diet can give remission in RA. I’m not 100% sure if diet helps. But I can surely say there are some food related triggers that can cause flares avoiding these really helps.

After strictly following my diet which eliminated dairy, sugars, white flour, processed foods,meat and night shade veggies I can say I’m in a pseudo remission phase. If you are wondering what’s wrong with that statement I can explain. Remission is supposed to be false phase which seems as if the Ra is cured but actually it is just taking break. And these phases usually last from few months to years. But my pseudo remission lasts only for few days.

So typically for me I have remission for 3 to 4 days in a week rest are hell. Usually my flares start by Sunday evening or Monday morning to add to the already present Monday blues and will get better by mid week. My self diagnosis tells me this is due to more stress both physically and mentally over weekend and some cheating in my diet which I am trying hard to avoid.

This temporary bliss also comes with a price just like everything else in life. This diet restrictions gave me pain relief, reduced weight and improved skin tone but at the cost of my muscle mass. Looks like I drained my muscle with reduced protein intake and even though I’m not in pain on some days I’m lacking energy and strength to get anything else done.

So working out a balance in my diet which doesn’t poke Ra and at the same time give me all the essential nutrients my body needs. 

The lesson learnt from this is ” Listen to your body more than what others say because what works for someone may not work for you each body is different, life style, genetics, climatic conditions play a vital role.” 

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