Morning stiffness vs morning sickness..

In RA morning is the crucial period as you will be at the worst pain and all your joints are locked out and will be grumpy to move. On a positive note you know it will get better as the day progress and the worst has passed just hang on tight till it passes.

Doctors say it is called morning stiffness but I don’t agree with them after all they are not the ones who experience it. It should be more like morning sickness than stiffness because not only your joints but the whole body is affected. I feel lethargic, achy everywhere, drained out and drowsy in the morning after good 8 hours of sleep. There are some days with extreme fatigue where I just sleep through the day till post noon. But that is not acceptable everyday so grumpy or not the day should go on.

With some struggle and effort the joints start realizing their duty and by mid morning they will be on track but the fatigue and lethargy will be pulling me back. The worst part of RA is to outsiders you are just lazy as you look Hale and healthy from outside. Lot of people come to me and ask what’s wrong with you? You look all right to me. God I wish there is some measuring device for the pain and suffering for RA which you can hang around your neck and show it to people.

“Carpe diem” is the motto to go on with the day who knows what’s in store for tomorrow.


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