Gamble with methotrexate…


After our earlier visit with my Rheumatologist he was happy with my progress as there are clinical symptoms of RA but my ESR continues to remain high so he did not reduce the dosage of my Folitrax from 20mg. He said lets revisit after two months and see if we can reduce the dosage.

Everything was going well. I lost my residual 2.5 kgs and now at the landmark 60 KGs. I feel energetic enough and almost with no pain and absolutely no swellings so after a month after the visit we took the situation into our own hands and reduced the Folitrax to 15mg. The first week was crazy. I had slight pain and discomfort in my knees and shoulders I’m not sure if its in my mind knowing that I reduced my dosage so I’m feeling the pain or my body may be unhappy with the reduced methotrexate but after a week it gave up and it is back to normal.

So its been three weeks I’m on 15mg of Folitrax no scary side effects so far other than the tiredness on two days after having the monster tablet. Hoping that my Rheumatologist will believe me and support me. Fingers crossed !!!











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