Exercise Exercise…

All the key guru’s out there who fought RA and are leading pain free and medicine free line preach only one common formula “Plant based diet + Stress free life + exercise ” = RA free life.

I am almost there with plant based diet and because of less toxins in the body my stress levels are less I would not say its not there but less as basically I’m a anxious person. Now comes the biggest challenge i.e., exercise every day. Clint says go to Bikram yoga but it is very far away from my place of residence. I’m a full time working women who should also take care of a kid, house hold responsibilities and as usual I’m tired by evening so going to Yoga every day or once in a week is also sort of a challenge for me.

I know should start at some point so I started going for brisk morning walks everyday I will cover around 2 km everyday. I know that’s not enough because now my painful or weak joints are my shoulders so I need to start something to strengthen my shoulders and hands before it goes out of control and they become useless.

I’m hoping to start Bikram Yoga at least twice a week over weekends to start with. Lets see how that goes I’m a bit jittery about it though as I’m not so confident if I can do the 90 min class or if it backfires and gives more pain ha I have 101 doubts in my mind and I’m looking for reasons to quit. God help me :).





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