Clint paddison the key to my RA struggles..

My husband was very keen to buy the paddison’s program for RA but me not so much the reason is I do trust him and his approach very much but he is from Australia and their food habits and life style is different. The foods he suggest are exotic in India and are not commonly found even if not they are not so fresh for example celery, leek, buckwhe etc so I could not convince myself that this program will actually help me. But to clarify it we sent out an email to him asking the same question whether it is applicable for Indians.

We got the auto reply saying it will help for Asians also. And then I continued to get his regular emails which turned out to be really helpful. Below are the few tips that came handy and when required.

  1. I was following the diet meticulously but still had random bouts of pain. At that time we received an email saying that even in the plant based there can be triggers and we will see the impact in 2-4 hours after consumption of some particular foods. So this made me think what I ate on those particular days and repeated the same and the pain was back. So for me such triggers were tamarind and pear.
  2. I mostly feel the flare and pain in my knees and when I was struggling with my knees Clint sent us an email about RA in knees and its remedies turns out sitting cross legged, wearing hard footwear impacts your knees. This email was a blessing in disguise.
  3. Suddenly one morning I started feeling heaviness in my shoulders and I was not able to work . On that same day we got an email with podcast of Andrea. And in that I got to know that hormones aka menstrual cycle also is a trigger for RA. See I’m always the lucky one to fall in that category.
  4. Many such tips like having regular bowel movement or eating turmeric for pain relief etc., are learnt through these regular emails.

These gave me a confidence that I’m not alone in this journey and we do have help out there we just need to look more :).

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