Consistency is the key to success….

Nothing in life comes easily.. there is a price for everything. These sayings are very true. I think RA made me philosophical :).

When everything was fine we start taking things for granted, same thing happened with my control of RA with diet. I was following my diet religiously, was going for random walks, there were no pains. Its almost like I did not have RA but I just spoiled it because of my love for food 😦 or lack of self control..

It started with multiple parties of friends and family and I did not want to stand out by not eating anything so I ate and then i should have restricted myself which I did not and gave in to temptation and ended up eating as my wish. Uff.. it just happened on multiple occasions in a month, my body said enough darling just because i’m accepting you cant stuff me with whatever you want.

Bang Bang !!! My RA is back with terrific knee pain and tiredness and pain in my shoulders. Now this is the key junction. A normal sane person would accept her mistake and get started on rectifying it but hellooo that’s not me! I was aggravated, confused and depressed (Sadguru once said we throw this word as an escape to everything… Hmm maybe). Here is the million dollar question, I’m still on my medication i.e. methotrexate , cortishot , folic acid etc etc and they are supposed to help me from pain but if I eat wrong it is showing up does that mean that they are not helping or my disease is progressing at a faster rate than visible hmm. these thoughts made me more miserable and I ate lot of crap. I usually end up eating a lot when my mind is not in the right place. And my RA is also showing up at the equal speed.

GOD bless my husband, he understood my self destruction phase and helped me back to normalcy. Now I’m back to normalcy i do have small bouts of pain, no one to blame than me and my tummy. Ii could have weaned off my medication by now if I was little more sensible 😦 .




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