Advantages of RA.. Contd..


I just realized few more advantages of RA…

Energized / Active life : Due to reduced weight and all the healthy food there is lot of energy now. We managed both our kids on our short vacation to a nearby beach very well.. played with them, swam with them, taking care of them full day for 3 days I don,t think I could have done that without help and without being tired even before my RA. So now we have quality and active family life.

You will not get fat even if we tried : This is so true on normal dieting scenarios we tend to give in to cravings and gain all the weight we lost due to dieting. But RA makes sure you don’t deviate even if you do you will be made aware of the reality pretty quickly and you will be forced to fall back to your diet routine. So this is a blessing in disguise it will force you to eat healthy else hello RA is just behind the corner to tumble your life.

Regular periods and controlled PCOS: Another crazy realization. I had PCOS and if I put on weight they tend be irregular and irregular periods use to cause more weight gain. This loop is now solved as with the healthy diet and controlled weight my periods are normal with no PCOS activity in picture. Hurrah !!

Healthy skin tone : With all the fruits that i’m eating and the green juices add low fat foods with no meat my skin looks fresh and healthy. Now no need of high parlor bills and hell lot of time and energy is saved.

Everything happens for a reason in life. As long as we are positive and in control all the negatives can made into our own positives.

Eat healthy.. Live happily 🙂 


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