Advantages of RA…

I know my heading sounds crazy and you may think I maybe insane to find advantages with a chronic illness, but believe me I’m going to give you the positives I learnt because of this dreadful disease:

Perception of life 

Yes RA changes the way you see your life. Everything was so easy earlier we were very aggressive in planning with no respect for our bodies. Working late hours, stuffing our mouths with whatever we find and craving for materialistic things and taking everything for granted. But RA grounded us. Everything was turned upside down and our new motto is healthy life is happy life. We realized how we are spoiling our kids also with our unhealthy life style . Then tada everything changed we give more importance to nutritious less fatty food now. As a family it brought us together we are more emotionally attached than earlier. Now, family comes first everything else should follow it. Earlier public appearances are more important now our comfort and happiness is priority. We feel content now with very small things in life. Life seems vibrant and interesting as everyday is a challenge to be pain free, active and to make it worth.

“Let it go”

I’m usually stressed most of the time as I want to do everything 100% and I want to satisfy everyone and was easily bothered by others actions and comments. But now my motto is “Let it go” I’m not bothered by anything easily now even if I’m I’ll come out of it very soon not impacting me and my surroundings much. I now accept that perfection is not the criteria instead meeting the need is. No one is the better judge of me than myself so I’m not really bothered by others criticisms or concerned about what people may think with my food choices or lack thereof :P. I know what I can what I can’t. There is confidence andpeace in me now as my life is in my control and I’m the one in charge. I’m planning to get a tattoo of this saying so it will remind me to stick to it. Ha fingers crossed lets see :).

Healthy and active family 

Our complete family food habits have changed now our full family is lean and energetic. We are now more attentive to kids as we are very energetic. Not only us but our friends are getting motivated with our life style and are trying to accommodate it to have a better life. We are now role models for weight loss and active life styles. Hurrah !!

Vast wardrobe choices

Funny but very true. With reduced weight and size we can wear anything and look good. No more feeling awkward about wearing t-shirts and showing bulging tummies. Choices of dresses in the shops are vast now :).

Increased PDA from hubby 

Oooh this is my favorite of all. We do love each other and a happy couple but never were touchy feely in public. In fact you don’t see us together in any public gatherings. But now I don’t know which aspect gets the credit but we sit together , talk and looks like a cozy couple. People around us also are feeling the difference in our attitude so its obviously a change that I love.

I’m usually shy but now I don’t back down from a chance to dance in parties. I’m not a dancer but oh yeah I can move it :P.

Many more to come stay tuned……


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