Food the friend and foe of RA

We started our research on methotrexate and the findings are scary. During this search we came across many articles that suggested that there is a direct impact of food on RA flares (Bouts of pain with inflammation) . We were skeptical as our doctor never mentioned anything related to food but a lot of research gives a whole different version of the causes of RA. And most articles are talking about elimination of foods . We came across a program called Paddison’s program for RA by Clint Paddison : . This guy was a former RA victim who was able to reverse his RA symptoms and weaned from the medicines completely so he is confident that RA can be reversed just by food naturally. We saw his videos and podcasts with testimonials from many people about how they could fight RA with food. Surprising is not right word so we were completely baffled but wanted to  give it a try anyways. (Pufff..  what else can go wrong now?? 😛 ) Never knew this will change my perspective towards food and eating in life

The below are the primary foods that were eliminated:

  1. Meat , eggs and fish.
  2. Dairy
  3. Oil and fatty foods
  4. Night shade Vegetables like – Tomato, potato, egg plant, capsicum etc.
  5. Gluten products  like wheat flour, soy etc
  6. Sugar /Sweeteners
  7. White rice

See that’s a simple list of foods to be avoided 😦 . God must really hate me 😦 . I’m a non-vegetarian addicted to anything made out of eggs with a very huge sweet tooth. So this basically leaves no other choice than plant based diet. Very difficult I say but not impossible and you know why… “Pain is the real motivator” . Once you taste the pain of RA nothing else can be more tempting to experience that sort of pain.

So, after seeing success stories of many others like Dr. Monica Aggarwal (I could relate to her as her RA also started at a similar stage  as mine i.e. post child birth ) we decided to try this approach.

Started with green juices as I just could not chew them raw without throwing up. Juice from celery, cucumber, lettuce, Broccoli, Bok Choy, leafies etc. Trust me it was horrible I felt more sick of the juice than RA. We bought a Hurrom slow juicer specifically for this  as it gives non-oxidized juice preserving the nutrients which is not the case with the traditional juicer. But slowly it sort of grew on me. Now I drink with no complaints.

Sweets, Dairy and meat are long gone now. Wheat flour is our primary ingredient in the kitchen so now that is gone too. God I miss my Puris 😦 . To substitute wheat flour and white rice we included the super foods i.e., millets (foxtail, pearl, little etc. to name a few). Started testing vegetables and fruits for any reactions. I’m sensitive to tamarind (My other favorites Sambhar and Rasam are gone!!)  and pear fruit initially.

Turns out that some foods are our friends and some are enemies as they cause inflammation and in turn pain without our knowledge. So we need to watch out for what works and what doesn’t.





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