Magical monster Methotrexate …

Change of doctor again:

As things were not getting any better we went to a new doctor at a very famous hospital. He did clinical assessment and was surprised with the amount of swellings and started on the magical and ultimate medicine for RA methotrexate. His approach was different he did not prescribe any steroid injections for quick relief and asked me to stop the pain killer Hifenac instead he gave me a 6mg of mild steroid tablet every day 😦 . So my medicines were methotrexate i.e. folitrax 10 mg once a week, Cortishot 6mg daily, Folvate twice a week and Vitamin -D supplement once a week.

Methotrexate is considered as the initial goto drug for RA but it also has so many side effects the primary being it effects the liver functionality so it is accompanied with Folvate to mitigate it and we need to test liver functionality with SGOT and SGPT tests every month as long as the test results come out normal we are good else the drug should be modified. But this combination seems to be working for me for now. As the swelling and pain came down slowly and life was near normal with adhoc bouts of pain but overall life was again in my control.

After a month doctor increased my dosage of methotrexate to 15mg as the ESR is still high at 42 other tests came out normal so everything else remained same. The only concern about this is I started gaining weight and heavy hair fall due to the drugs. And our research says soon my body will get used to the current combination and we may have to change the drugs or increase the dosage. So current situation is better but for the long term things are still ambiguous.


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