Gamble with alternate medicines…

As my pain is manageable with the new found pain killers I wanted to play a gamble with alternate medicine as the current medication has side effects and it is not a temporary illness which will be gone in few days and my previous Rheumatologist also hinted that there is no finite cure and the current medicines for RA are toxic.

I started with Homeopathy but unfortunately it did not help and my pain was there. Decided to quit my job and work on my health as it is deteriorating (But applied for a new job immediately as you never know whats in store in 3 months of my notice period and I don’t like uncertainty).  Stopped homeopathy and joined yoga it did help in the initial stages but there is always a nagging pain. Pain progressed from there. Our research said that RA is not going anywhere anytime and we went for Ayurveda. Met a famous doctor and he gave me a ton of medicines. My pain never came down but increased quite a lot. Stopped medicines immediately. At this point my earlier pain killers did not help.

As the days progressed my pain and inflammation reached a whole new level. My knuckles and toes were red swollen. I could not wear any rings or shoes. It was a lowest point of life. Life was miserable with near disability where basic tasks like changing clothes or feeding my daughter have become impossible tasks. I was so confused , frustrated and depressed. My kids are the sole reason for me to suck it up and move forward :(…


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